Rene Camarillo | East Los Angeles


Each piece being displayed is hand patterned and hand constructed by Rene Camarillo.


"Asymmetrical Denim and Rope Vest"


"Spear Top"

"Wool Panel Skirt with Moth Detail"


"Alleyway Jacket" (Brown Glass at Back Yoke).



"Bracero Slit Jacket with Rope Detail" 

"Artisan Rope Vest"

"Travieso Trouser"


"Artisanal Bullet Vest"


"Slashed Dress Shirt" with Switch Blade Motif


"Busted Knee Trouser"


"Artisanal Bullet Vest" (かきしぶ detail)


"Alleyway Jacket"

"Exaggerated Cuff Labor Jeans"

"Deconstructed Japanese Denim Bucket Hat"

"Alleyway Jacket"

"Exaggerated Cuff Labor Jeans"



"Back Stab Linen Shirt"


"Bracero Slit Jacket"



"Chainlink Fence Art Piece"