Rene Camarillo | East Los Angeles


Each piece being displayed is meticulously hand patterned and hand constructed by Rene Camarillo.



"Alleyway Jacket", "Exaggerated Cuff Labor Jeans", "Deconstructed Hat" | 2021

Jacket: Japanese Selvedge Denim, Brown Glass, Rope, Cotton Twill

Jeans: Japanese Selvedge Denim, Cotton Twill

Deconstructed Bucket Hat: Japanese Selvedge Denim, Cotton Poplin 



"The Weight of the Border" | 2018

Hand Draped Metal Chainlink Fence, Cotton Twill



"When I First Heard Them, I Thought They Were Fireworks" | 2023

Handwoven Canvas Lace Cotton, Linen, and かきしぶ (Kakishibu)



"Tripas" | 2023

Wood Reed, Hog Intestine, Lamb Bone, Hemp Cord, Ink, かきしぶ (Kakishibu)



"Fireworks" | 2023

286 Hand Cut and Constructed Cotton twill fragments, かきしぶ (Kakishibu)



Bracero Program Chemicals | 2024

Hand Pulled Screen Print On Paper


"Spear Top" | 2021

"Wool Panel Skirt with Moth Detail" | 2017

Top: Cotton Twill, Wooden Dowel 

Skirt: Wool, Acetate, Dead Moth


"Notice of Demolition" | 2023

Hand Manipulated Printed Cotton, Rusted Iron, Rope



"Father Please Protect Me From What I Want" | 2023

Hand Woven Cotton, Wool, Cement, Wooden Dowels



'Wet Back Jacket" | 2023

Hand Woven Cotton and Wool Twill, Terrycloth, Rope





"Artisanal Bullet Vest" | 2023

Belgian Linen, かきしぶ (Kakishibu) 






"Back Stab Linen Shirt" | 2021

Belgian Linen, Shell Buttons




"Asymmetrical Denim and Rope Vest" | 2020

 Denim, Cotton Twill, Rope




"Bracero Slit Jacket with Rope Detail" | 2018

"Artisan Rope Vest" | 2018

"Travieso Trouser" | 2018





"Slashed Dress Shirt" with Switch Blade Motif

Hand Sketch Screen Printed onto Cotton



"Busted Knee Trouser" | 2021

Wool, Cotton Pocketing





"Bracero Slit Jacket" | 2018

Cotton Twill, Rope