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b. East Los Angeles 

Rene Camarillo is an East Los Angeles born and raised creator who produces textiles and handcrafted apparel with themes of immigrant realities, neglected labor, and critique on the social engagement of fast fashion industry practices. Through his work, Rene investigates “privilege pluralism”, a concept in which he questions intersectionality and the blatant distance between consumer and producer for American society. With intention to highlight the disruption of capitalism and the mass commodification of immigrant labor, Camarillo continues to examine the tapestry of East Los Angeles diaspora and produce storytelling artworks which are inspired by his own personal upbringing and realities of underprivileged lives. Camarillo’s conceptual framework is confidently entangled with violence, trauma, and what he curiously describes as “rituals, unseen”. With storytelling collections and wearable art that investigate the prescribed narrative of the Latinx existence, Camarillo established the design label, destacarse., where Rene Camarillo hand weave cloth, patterns, constructs, and produces each abstract garment with both integrity and curiosity.


 destacarse. is a cultural brand which investigates East Los Angeles Chicano culture, focusing on immigration, street lifestyle, and labor In an attempt to export honest identity of historical importance and conflict into its artistic apparel with every stitch.
(= verse mejor) to stand out.